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Terri Christensen

Terrie Christensen

Hello, my name is Terrie Christensen.  I am the morning Chiropractic Assistant at California Chiropractic Boshears, Inc.  I have been married to my true love, Lee, for 37 years and we have four children. Our oldest son Ryan and his beautiful wife Tina have blessed us with our twin granddaughters Sophie and Kaylee. Our son Sean lives and works in the Anaheim area.  Our third son Eric is engaged to Penny’s daughter Brianna. Our youngest and our only daughter Caitlyn, is the light of our life.  I am the “new girl” here at California Chiropractic Boshears, Inc.  I have worked here for a little over two years. I have never been happier or more fulfilled at any job I’ve every held. Dr. Andy, Dr. Sandy, and Penny have made me feel like family from day one. The integrity and high standards set by the doctors and the way they put God first makes me proud to be a part of this team.  Our patients are like family to us and we love them all.  I am a blessed woman!