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Insurance is designed for short-term relief of short-term recent illness, injury, or disease. Insurance is not designed to improve overall health, to correct problems or, to prevent future health problems.

In order to cut costs, insurance companies, particularly HMOs, now set a limit on how often a Chiropractor can see you in his or her office. This makes insurance more affordable, but does not make it possible to provide the proper quality or amount of care necessary for you and your family. That is why we have either chosen to not participate in your HMO or we have had to make further accommodations in order to help your family.

The insurance, HMO, relief care chiropractors determine your length of care and amount of treatment by your symptoms, your insurance company, and/or how often he is allowed to see you. While this may seem like a benefit since it will reduce your cost and lower your treatment time, you are actually wasting your time and money. You may get some temporary relief, but your spine and Central Nerve System are left uncorrected and your health is no better off than when you started your care.

In fact your condition may be worse. The Central Nerve System totally controls all functions and healing. Research shows, if your spine and Central Nerve System are left in their improper position, they will, continue to degenerate silently and allow organs to malfunction and become diseased. But with relief care, you will not even know this is occurring because the signs and symptoms are gone!

"The body has an innate ability to heal itself. Western doctors are frozen in a disease-oriented mode, curing disease with drugs, surgery (or adjustments) rather than on prevention and stimulation of the body's natural healing power. Most treatments just prevent disease from expressing itself symptomatically. Symptoms disappear, but the disease actually gets progressively worse. "

Some Chiropractors choose to limit his/her scope of practice to symptom relief only, comparable to the standard M.D., physical therapist, or Osteopath. They free the spine from fixations by manipulating the spine to reduce pain. They also use electromagnetic currents like tens, ultra-sound, and electric stimulation as an artificial way of relaxing muscles. (Unnatural electric energy entering the cells of the body can destroy or mutate cells. The heart and other organs work by electrical impulses; therefore, these artificial currents can also alter their function).

"Electrical currents administered to the body have purely physical side effects of an undesirable nature. Most people who employ or promote electrical currents are either unaware of these effects or choose to ignore them ".
-Dr. Robert Becker, MD. Cross Currents

Corrective Care Chiropractors are concerned with actually correcting the condition in your spine and Central Nerve System in order to not only eliminate symptoms, but to improve overall health and prevent disease. Because of the amount of time and the number of visits it takes to reconstruct and correct the spine and Central Nerve System, your insurance, HMO, or PPO is not designed to cover this type of care. Like changing bone alignment in your mouth with braces, the duration of care and frequency of adjustments are essential to changing the bone alignment in your spine. It is also necessary to use very specific, highly advanced techniques in order to get the subluxations in your spine corrected. Infrequent visits or non-specific manipulative techniques will make no significant or permanent changes to spinal structures and may even cause damage.

While all doctors want their patients to be out of pain, the focus of Corrective Care Chiropractic is to remove all interference to the Central Nerve System caused by abnormal position of the spine and Subluxation (misalignment) through a very specific rehabilitative program of spinal adjustments, stretches, and exercises that are unique for each individual.

The frequency and cost of care is determined by the severity of the subluxation and abnormal position of your spine. An insurance program does not determine it. Results are not based on how you are feeling, but by re-examination and re x-ray. These are the only ways to give you any real evidence of how you are doing, when you are truly well and if you are preventing future illness, injury and disease.

Insurance is affordable to you and/or your company because they contain managed care costs. Most insurance plans, particularly HMO/PPO insurance, are designed to pay for the cost of fast relief to a new strain, accident, or injury. Your insurance plan will not cover the correction of a long-term problem nor the prevention of future health problems.