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Dr. Andy Boshears

My name is Dr. Andy Boshears. I am a licensed chiropractor and practice in beautiful uptown Yucaipa. I also work with my wife, Dr. Sandy Boshears, and our staff, Penny Andrews and Linda Couch. I love helping our patients achieve relief from pain as well as achieve their maximum health potential. I enjoy working in an office that feels like a mini-community where all feel welcomed and are not only helped with their health, but also feel like family. 

I am originally from Eureka, California. I lived in northern California for twenty years until college brought me to southern California. I attended my undergraduate studies at Humboldt State University and California State University San Bernardino. My professional education was at Los Angeles College of Chiropractic where I met my beautiful wife. I graduated in 1999 with the degree, Doctor of Chiropractic. Dr. Sandy and I are also Fellows in the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association by completing a year course in pediatric and maternity-based chiropractic care. 

Dr. Sandy and I have two gorgeous children named Andrew and Ashley who also love having their spine checked for subluxations. We have a large family here in Yucaipa and are proud to make Yucaipa our home as well. We love that this town is made up of people who value family and a sense of community. Dr. Sandy, our staff, and I are all strong believers in God through his son, Jesus Christ. We attend church at Wildwood Calvary Chapel in Yucaipa on Sundays and small group studies during the week.